weekend of woe (fun though) (2005-11-29 - 4:55 p.m.)

Whew! What a weekend… what a crazy, busy, accident-prone weekend. It was also a longer weekend than I expected, as it was artificially extended by getting sick at the end of it and taking Monday off. I normally would have dragged myself into work anyway, but as I had a fever and loads of sick days left, I figured I might as well not infect the entire office. It was a very boring day of sitting around feeling miserable with not even bad daytime TV to while away the time. However, I did get a visit from Andrew, which was lucky because he rescued me.

That’s right, I had to be rescued from my own home. Here is how it came about:
1). My version of the deadbolt key is kind of dodgy. I can never seem to lock it – it’s just really stiff. The landlord knows this, because I asked him weeks ago to sort it out… but he hasn’t and I haven’t done much else about it since I’m moving out in 11 days.
2). If nobody’s home, we usually lock the deadbolt for extra security. Linda did not know I was home, presumably, so she locked the door as normal.
3). As it turns out, I can’t unlock the deadbolt from the inside either…

So yeah. Andrew stopped by, I buzzed him up, I suddenly realised I couldn’t open the door. “Right”, I thought, briskly. “I’ll just slide him the key under the door so he can let me out.” Which I did. At which point Andrew told me that there’s a wee wooden door-jamb thing on his side of the door and he couldn’t reach the key. But I had already pushed it all the way through and couldn’t get it from my side either.

Cue much lamenting and fumbling about with knife handles and long bits of wire trying to get the key back out. I finally managed it (with Andrew shouting encouragement from the other side of the door) and stuck the key through the letterbox, which, if I’d been thinking in the first place… oh well.

Anyway. To back up. Friday was Brandon’s birthday and a giant charity ceilidh to benefit cancer research. It was much more well-organised than any other ceilidh I’ve been to, and was held in the Assembly Rooms ballroom which is huge and gorgeous –swooping ceilings and mirrored walls. There weren’t all that many dances, but there was other entertainment between (including large tattooed half-naked men in old-fashioned highland gear beating drums). Had a great time dancing and watching, though I seem to have done something very bad to one of my knees at some point that evening.

Ended the evening in Opium, where I ran into a guy from work that I may as well be stalking, because I see him everywhere. Went and watched movies all night with him and a friend and turned up back at home at 6 am.

Saturday, not surprisingly, was mostly devoted to sleeping (though I did manage to get some financial matters sorted – including my travellers cheques as a hedge against the exchange rate further plummeting). I did manage to get out of bed for Saturday night, which was a girls night involving take-away Chinese food, white wine, and Dirty Dancing. It was just what I needed (until it was crashed by a bunch of boys!)

On Sunday I joined Brad and his sister Shan on a trip to Craigmillar Castle. I have to say I was very impressed. It’s definitely in the top three castles that I’ve seen in Scotland. It’s in really good repair (considering) and it’s huge and maze-like and has towers you can climb up to and amazing views across Edinburgh and out to North Berwick (I could see North Berwick Law, which I climbed.) Definitely recommended as an excellent castle to see, and so easy to get to – the number 42 bus goes directly from my house!

From the castle we stopped at Duddingston Loch and saw the geese, ducks and swans. I hate swans and their creepy long necks, but I like ducks and they had loads of Canada Geese. Though I couldn’t help singing a chorus of “Christmas is coming, the goose is getting fat…” Shan the vegetarian was not impressed.

We ended the afternoon at the Sheep’s Heid Inn, which claims to be the oldest pub in Scotland. Regardless, it’s lovely and the food is amazing. According to Brad this was also the place where skittles (ten-pin bowling) was invented, so we went out back to have a look. It was indeed pretty cool – two old lanes and pins you had to set up yourself (surprise surprise – no automatic ones back then!) However, disaster struck when Brad sent his ball down one end of the ball storerer thing just as I went to pick up one on the other end. My finger got hit with the combined weight of a whole row of giant old bowling balls and let me tell you, it was not pleasant. It turned black and started throbbing and refused to stop for an entire day. Not cool at all. It was also twice the size of my other finger (which actually looked pretty cool what with the whole black-and-purple colour scheme).

Sadly I couldn’t get ice on it for about an hour since I was on the other side of town from my flat. I think that hindered the healing process somewhat. However, today I can bend it finally and therefore actually type, so it’s all good. Just have to stop accidentally slamming it on things.

Got home that night to a giant feast of Lebanese food cooked up by Brandon and his brother Mason. Man, was it good. All the Canadians turned up and then some, and Grand brought champagne. So good! I think I could do with getting some Lebanese recipes off Brandon’s brother.

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