Memory Lane Day (2006-08-23 - 10:48 p.m.)

Apparently it's Memory Lane Day. On my ride to work this morning I couldn't figure out why it smelled like Edinburgh. All of the sudden it was nothing but insanely vivid flashbacks. After a second I figured it out - the Molson brewery must have been at work. You couldn't escape that smell in Dalry. It permeated every street, coming from one direction or another. I used to alternate between loving it and feeling sick.

Tonight I went for a walk to visit my old haunts in Belgravia. I had it pretty damn good there. Nice house, clean roommate, job that challenged me (and, when it didn't challenge me, allowed for hours of email time). Went to say hi to a couple of other houses once occupied by friends. The Megaplex had much the same vibe, I must say. (From the outside, at least - wide-open door and orange jungly front room). Of the people that lived in those place, some are my best friends and some are no longer speaking to me.

In other news, life is very busy and I am also trying to (once again) fit my entire room into boxes. As luck would have it, the contents of my entire room are fairly sparse, so this should at least be an easy move. On the other hand, my new place is going to positively echo. Oh well... I'm still looking forward to it. One week and counting.

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