melrose dinner (2005-05-24 - 8:20 p.m.)

Ah, dreaded irony. I'm spending my days all week telling people they can't book campsites for the Bank Holiday and that they should have booked weeks ago, and spending my evenings frantically trying to book accomodation for the Bank Holiday weekend! I just found out I have Friday off and really want to go somewhere (cheap). I am hoping for the Isle of Arran, but will settle for Inverness in a pinch.

Anyway, will finish yesterday's awestruck ramble about the Stirling tapestries when I have more internet time. In the meantime, should mention Sunday, when I was picked up from my flat by a heavily-dreadlocked teenager (unless he's 20) called Callum and rocketed down to Melrose to have dinner with the daughter of my great-aunt's friend. Random! It was great, though - obviously these people didn't know me from Adam, but they were super-nice to me and I had a wonderful time. We walked the dog, visited the neighbors, lounged in the yard and had dinner.

They have three kids whose ages roughly correspond to my brothers'. One, who I didn't meet, gets to be Melrosian this year. Callum's in the middle and their daughter, Megan, is going out to Victoria (BC) for school next year. I had a great time chatting and just generally being in a family setting again. It's been a while. They were lovely and even arranged transportation to and from Edinburgh (Jim drove me home, even though he had to make the trip back alone), which was far beyond the call of duty. I always agree to meet people Barb sets me up with, and this is why.

Anyway, got kicked out once and lost an entire entry, so I better quit while I'm ahead. Here's hoping I get to do something interesting this weekend...

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