medical update (2005-08-05 - 11:31 a.m.)

It's been a long, slow week. But it's Friday! I'm having trouble mustering up my usual enthusiasm, though.

My ankle is feeling much better (ie I can put weight on it and have been walking to work) but it still hurts to the touch and twinges a lot at random times. And makes creepy crackling noises. Brandon assures me this is normal. It seems kind of weak as well and I'm worried about twisting it on another cobblestone. Not much to be done, though, and I'm happy to be past the "sit around with an ice pack" stage!

My eye is much better too, thanks. I'm still scared to wear my contacts, though. I tried to sterilise the case by sticking it in boiling water, and it warped and twisted. For future reference: don't boil contact lens cases. The eye's still a little red but has finally stopped being quite so light-sensitive. Thank heavens! Earlier in the week, I couldn't look at someone if there was a window behind them. I couldn't open my eye in direct sunlight, and in fact couldn't open it all the way at the best of times. Even now it's a bit droopy compared to my other eye. I sincerely hope this is temporary. I look like I've had a stroke.

So that was the medical roundup.

Apart from that, it's been an average week. Had visits from Jen, Kelly and Lindsay, fed the ducks with Andrew, made dinner for Brad, went to the gym. (I made fajitas, and they came out extremely well). I'm not sure what's on for this weekend. I'm going to see Charlie and the Chocolate Factory tonight and going to Guys and Dolls on Sunday with Jen. (Fringe time!)

Work is extremely busy. The phone literally never stops ringing. I have resigned myself to it being like this for all of August, in the hopes that it will quiet down in September. I have a very exciting trip to Orkney and John O'Groats booked for the first weekend in September, so that will be my reward for putting up with all of this.

Man, my life sounds boring. You would think I'd be up to more, with it being August in Edinburgh and all.

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