I am mad (but I need the money) (2004-07-18 - 1:27 p.m.)

So, typically of me, I have gone from having no job (and worrying about it) to having two (and worrying about them). I was hanging out with Marion from France when she recommended her temp agency as a good way to pick up some cash with no committment. I went in for an appointment Friday morning. I was just finishing filling in all the forms and signing all the bits of paper when the temp lady looked up from her phone call and said, "How would you like a job starting next Monday, 8 am till 4 pm, going to Friday or possibly longer?"

Of course I wasn't going to turn that down, despite the fact that I'm scheduled to work the night shift at the hostel on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. So here's the plan: show up for the temp job at Claredon Docks on Monday at 8 am. Work till 4 pm. Go home and sleep till 10:45 pm, go to the hostel and do the night shift till 7 am. Rush back to Clarendon Docks to start work at 8 am. Repeat.

Will I die of exhaustion? Quite possibly. Is this a really stupid idea? Hell yeah. But I think I can just pull it off, and the extra three shifts this week will help to make up for not being able to work for the last two. Anyway, if it gets really bad I can pull out of the temp job (they're an agency, they can always find someone else) or beg John to cover a nightshift for me. I don't want to give up the hostel job, though - it sounds pretty quiet and I get internet access! Anyway, doctors and things routinely work this many hours every week, so it's not going to kill me for three days.

I'm thinking too that I can probably just crash at the hostel from 4:30 pm till I start the night shift at 11 pm. John will be at work so I know his bed will be free. That'll cut down on travel time.

The temp thing is listed as "catering assistant". It's just working in a small cafeteria, clearing tables, running the cash register and maybe chopping veggies or something. I can't see it really requiring too much brainpower (I hope!) So yeah, here's hoping this works out. I have bought a map of Paris and looking at pictures of Rennes in Brittany, and I think this will all be worth it.

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