London again (2004-03-10 - 4:11 p.m.)

So I'm back in London: in fact, I think I'm at the same computer from which I posted my very first overseas entry! Go figure. I'm not staying at the same hostel, I'm staying at a much crappier one down by London Bridge. It's full of Americans on Spring Break. ARGH I can't think of anything more annoying than Americans on Spring Break. I won't be staying there longer than I have to - I'm moving back here, to the International Students House, tomorrow.

Today was the BUNAC orientation. It was really quite helpful, and the rooms full of job-finding resources was reassuring. I looked through a few of them already. Now I'm stuck with a dilemma: do I stay in London, since it's pretty central with good transportation, and send out resumes to universities across the country to try and get a lab job? Or do I take off to somewhere less expensive and just get a job there, then start looking for something better at the end of the summer, after going back to Canada for Steph's wedding? If you have any thoughts or advice, email me. This is all very confusing!

Anyway, on the plus side I have an appointment to try and get a bank account set up on Friday. I hope they give me one. That would really help matters. I also hope to get a mobile soon. I sort of hate the things, but it will be easier to find work if people can get ahold of me. And the possibilities of text messages are intriguing!

So yeah. I'll be in London for a few days at least, I would think. Long enough to make some plans, start sending out resumes, get things set with the bank etc. After that, who knows. Having nothing planned out is a very strange position to be in for me, and somewhat unsettling.

Ah well... not much I can do. Oops, time's up...

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