Liffré (2004-08-04 - 6:15 p.m.)

I am in France! John and I took the train down to Dublin on Sunday, then flew to Beauvais. This will be short despite my tons of news because French keyboards are impossible and I have to look at my hands as I type because all the letters are in the wrong place! Still havent worked out how to do apostrophes, sorry.

Anyway, we had a lovely day in Dublin. We wandered over to St. Stephens Green and there was a free concert in the park, so it was a perfect afternoon of lounging on the grass listening to traditional Irish music and staring up at the beautiful green maples. It was a gorgeous sunny day and couldnt haves been much better - they even played "There Were Roses" (from a few posts ago) and a Newfie folk song John knew!

The flight from Dublin to Beauvais was nice and short, which is more than I can say for the bus ride into Paris. We didn't reach the hostel till 1:30 am and they nearly didn't let us in. We got off at the wrong Metro and had to walk a long freakin' way to find the hostel...

However, once we got there the room was gorgeous. We had it all to ourselves and no bunk beds, plus our own shower and a huge tv on which we watched crazy German pop videos all night! The best part came the next morning, though, when they told us there was no charge because John (and I, to a lesser extent) worked at the Belfast hostel! It was amazing, we were so lucky. The regular price was €20.50 per person.

We only had one full day in Paris, so of course we had to see the Seine, Notre Dame (though not the inside) and the Eiffel Tower. .

Oops, out of time, the rest later if I can post from London. I'm loving France though!

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