I am not a jock (2005-02-11 - 9:21 a.m.)

The news from Rocky, as reported by my sister:

Hey Annie, how are you. Today was the ski trip, so I had to get up at
4:30 to get to the bus in time. The bus ride was really fun, I filled in
all the quiet moments with plenty of singing, mostly the Arrogant Worms,
but also some Weird Al. When we go to Lake Louise, I started
snowboarding. I got a lesson, so that helped a bit, but i still really
sucked. During the lesson I was okay because the hill was tiny, and the
instructor (an English guy named Iain, odd spelling) was right there to
tell me what to do. After my lseeon, I went on to the big hill and made
a complete fool of myself by falling so much. In the end I just walked
down the hill, and sledded down on my snowboard for a bit. Snowboarding
is HARD. After that, I exchanged my snowboard in for skis, something I
knew I could do. The guy wouldn't exchange them for me, though, because
I was wearing an Oilers shirt, and he said he only served Flames fans.
It was funny. I got my skis and had a really good time for the rest of
the day, and the bus ride back was very fun agian. What is really funny
is that it seemed like almost everyone at Lake Louise was either English
or Australian. I did talk to some Dutch guy on the chairlift, and I
heard some people that sounded like Germans, but there seemed to be
mostly Aussies or British. Odd. I didn't hurt myself besides falling
funny on my knee a few times and getting bruised, but Abbi fractured her
wrist. They put in a splint, but she had to get x rays in Rocky.
In other exciting news, LAST NIGHT WE BEAT DT in basketball. That
is, like, unheard of. We are now the only undeafeted team in the whole
league. YAY. I don't know how well we will do without Abbi, though. We
were all so excited after the game. You should have seen mom, and it was
a good thing Dad wasn't there, he would have had a heart attack. For
lots of the game, we were only one point appart. They did start to pull
ahead, but then with six seconds left they kept on fouling Michelle, so
she got to shoot. The final score was 46-43. Very close. AND WE WON!!!!!!!!
Well , I had better go to bed
Love GRACE your favourite sister

(My sister is a little jock, in case you couldn't tell. When I was her age, I was in the corner with a book.)

Although I am still not a jock, I am on my third lacrosse practise and am loving it. I would love it more if I didn't feel so incompetent, but it's still fun and there's something very satisfying about the "thunk" of the ball being caught in your stick. Not as fun as hockey, but right up there with soccer. However, I really hate it when they do competitive drills - where if you screw up your team has to start again from the beginning. Because I invariably screw up when the pressure is on, and I hate being the centre of all that negative attention.

There was a guy from Quebec who came out to the practise for the first time yesterday. Ever since Francis, I have felt very kindly towards all Quebecois. I sort of miss him and Rob sometimes. Wonder what they're up to?

In other very non-jock-related news, I seem to suddenly be going through a very girly phase. I blame Shannon. She has introduced me to the function of a lipstick brush and what to do with eyeshadow and I have been practising for the last few weeks. I even bought some hair products beyond shampoo and conditioner! It goes against the grain a little but it's kind of fun.

Shannon, Jen and I are planning to do something this weekend. Of course it's Friday and we haven't quite determined what yet, but hey. There's time. We are thinking Glasgow (easy and fast) with a day trip to find a castle or something. I love this country, where you can just wander off for the day and come across a castle.

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