inverleith (2005-05-10 - 9:36 p.m.)

The system is back up at work! Thank heavens. It was killing me spending all day every day disappointing people. Basically I spent the first entire week at my new job telling people they couldn't book and there was nothing I could do, and then taking the crap for it.

So I've moved on to... data entry! Well, I knew this wouldn't be the most exciting job in the world. But hey, just to be in a workplace where employees are treated like they matter at all is a big step in the right direction. Even stupid little things like having office supplies and a water cooler. Did I ever mention that we were without toilets at the hotel for a week? I literally had to go out to the mall across the street (and pay 20p!) to use the loo. So I really can't complain too much about the current situation.

I haven't been at my absolute best lately and was starting to get a bit jaded with Edinburgh. And then I moved! I went for a walk today around Stockbridge. I'm literally five minutes' walk from an enormous park with tons of playing fields, a duck/swan pond, something called the "Four Winds Inspiration Centre", and the best view of Edinburgh outside the castle. So yay! (This is also the park where I spent Hogmanay being doused with champagne by Steve the Calgarian).

Even better, the aforementioned Steve, as well as Grand and Scott, have moved in practically next door! Well, a few blocks away, but it's still cool. Went over to watch TV with Grand on Sunday night, which was nice. And my lacrosse team has set up a sort of drop-in summer lacrosse session every Thursday in the park! So it should be a pretty nice summer. I love how you can wander around in the greenery down there and not even know you're in the city. The Botanical Gardens are up there somewhere as well, but I haven't got around to exploring them yet.

The flat is really nice - my room is smaller, but still a double room with one wall almost entirely window. The lounge is big and gets a ton of light as well. It looks out onto the green at the back. The kitchen's tiny, which is the only unfortunately thing - but the oven works, which is a nice change!

Brandon is the sort of flatmate who does dishes and takes a fair turn with taking out the rubbish. He's also the healthiest person I've ever met, and it's starting to affect me. Why, only today I managed to stave off a craving for Jelly Babies by eating salad! (Immediately afterwards I ate most of an enormous strudel, which somewhat counteracted the positive effect, but a girl's gotta start somewhere...)

So my life has gone from being absolutely mad to pretty settled in a week. I guess I'll just take this chance to catch my breath and hope the rest of May brings something interesting!

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