Chinese hotpants and Welsh weather (2008-02-18 - 9:06 p.m.)

Well, I forgot to knock wood after the last entry and rapidly descended into a rather bad patch. In fact, February as a whole is the sort of thing I will not miss once it's over. But never mind, I will get through. At least it's short.

On the plus side, February in Wales apparently means constant sunshine, daffodils and crocuses, oddly enough. It's been cold but clear, which has led to whining from all the Brits about brass monkeys, but I am loving the clear skies and sunshine.

Basically I've been working a LOT, putting in tons of hours as a research assistant plus fencing three times a week, going to my classes, going to classes that aren't mine but are recommended, and doing extra projects for the lab. On top of that I need to get on my thesis stuff and, er, actually do my homework. That said, marks from last semester are trickling in, and so far it's not too far off straight As, which is very exciting. My most dreaded assignment of the year, the fMRI module final project, which I had no idea how to do, ended up with a B+. All I can figure is that everyone else did just as horribly, and I got pushed upwards by the curve. NOT that I am arguing!

The Varsity fencing match with Aberystywyth is this weekend, and as I somehow bumbled my way onto the Varsity women's fencing team, I will be fencing sabre for the match. This is very terrifying as, er, I'm quite rubbish. I did finally buy proper kit, though, so at least I'll look the part in my white breeches and socks!

Just got back from the International Evening. I didn't much feel like going but did because the International Advisor is lovely and I hated to let him down. As it turns out, I'm very happy I turned up. It was quite something. It started with traditional Welsh dancing, with cute little kids in bonnets and breeches doing dances that imitated grasshoppers. Very cute and hilarious. However, the high points of the night were the Indian society guy with a flag on a large pole, who kept smacking the dancers by accident, and the Chinese society dance - a Korean pop song to which they gyrated wearing hotpants and hooker boots. Definitely a night to remember. Poor Alan, the International Advisor, looked a little uncertain about the direction of the whole thing, but I loved it.

Anyway, I am exhausted and also can apparently not write very well tonight, so am off home to either read back issue of the Guardian or a stats text. No prizes for guessing which it's likely to be...

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