Il pleut.... (2006-08-30 - 4:15 p.m.)

Il pleure dans mon coeur comme il pleut sur la ville.

Well, not really, but it is massively pouring and I seem to have packed my waterproof boots and umbrella.

But never mind, just a few more days of insanity and I can relax on the long weekend (although probably not, as I'll be frantically searching for the location of everything I own among the boxes). Tomorrow night, if it doesn't rain, Rene has agreed to take a truckload of stuff over, and what with the small boxes that have already been moved by car, that should be the last of it. Maybe. I hope. Got a lot done last night with the help of Lana and Mabel.

I have to say that when Mabel was left on my doorstep, I didn't really want a car. Those things COST! However, so far she has been invaluable, and has fit a remarkable amount in her trunk and backseat for moving purposes. Also, we somehow managed to stuff a large pink bike into her backseat - a feat that I didn't think was possible. I'm beginning to be quite fond of her.

Nevertheless, I quite liked my car-free (cheaper) life and once the new place is sorted I hope to keep Mabel in semi-hibernation. Everyone says once you get a car you can't go back... I hope they are wrong, but I guess I'll find out.

This quote is awesome:

"I've always believed that no pleasure is worth giving up for six months in a geriatric home in Weston-super-Mare."

As is the article it came from. I sort of miss the magazine thingies from the Sunday papers in the UK. I used to love taking the train on Sundays since everyone would leave theirs behind and I could then pocket them.

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