I have.... (2007-08-24 - 10:19 a.m.)

Okay, now that I finally have some breathing room, I guess it's update time.

I now have my passport and my plane ticket. (September 16 from Vancouver!) I have my train ticket to go find my plane. I have Andrew from Edinburgh on the way over to keep me company on said train ride. I have confirmation that my student visa has been issued by the British High Commission and is on its way back to me in the post. I have a place to stay when I get to Bangor (thanks, Jen from Florida! I owe you one!) I have a big party planned for the week before I leave. And I have QUIT MY JOB!!!!!!!!!!

I also have to be out of my place by noon, apparently, on the 31st of August. (Booooo, landlord).

I don't yet have a place to stay in Bangor, but I do have a number of flat listings from Jen. And I have my doubts about setting something up from this side of the pond, sight unseen.

So... all in all, not in bad shape. This week will be devoted to packing (ugh) and cleaning (double ugh) my place. Also reading through the massive pile of paper the university sent me to see if there is anything else I need to do/send/have on hand. Getting the student visa information together was hugely stressful and once it was sent, I found myself totally unable to do anything else useful for a few days. Not only that, but work is the busiest I have seen it, EVER, and one of colleagues is quite sick and hasn't been in much. I think my mind was just overwhelmed from working so hard at work and then facing the sheer amount of stuff that still must be accomplished outside work. I'm feeling much better today and just want to get everything done and sorted.

This "change-your-entire-life-every-two-years" thing sure is stressful and exhausting. But on days like today, it also feels completely invigorating.

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