how I introduced my brother to the joys of heated rooms (2005-12-14 - 5:21 p.m.)

Apparently no one ever explained to my brother that radiators do not set things on fire. I discovered after two nights of waking up at 5 am, freezing, that he does not in fact have the heating on in his room because he was worried it would "burn his bed". I sorted that out very quickly. good lord - he doesn't even have to pay for the heat! No excuse at all for freezing in the dark.

That said, many thanks to Will for giving me his room (even sans heating) and taking very good care of me these last few days. I quite like it here: broadband internet and the Sleemans flows freely. I have been amusing myself during the days while he is at work, and we have been hanging out as much as possible in the evenings.

I am slowly starting to adapt to Canada again, though having tax added on top of every purchase is driving me nuts. Also the customer service is weirding me out a bit. Everyone is so FRIENDLY and chats away. Was it always like this and I just never noticed? Or is this some sort of weird Victoria hippie thing?

I still miss Edinburgh, though.

For some reason I had part of the Hearts (of Midlothian) song in my head for most of the day. It was the bit that goes, "the talk of the toon is the boys in maroon" which has to be one of the best football lyrics ever (not that I'm an expert).

Can't believe that game was only on Saturday. It seems like a month ago, or a lifetime.

Forgot to mention the work Christmas do as well. It does bear mentioning, as I quite enjoyed my vegetarian haggis, Lothian turkey and Christmas pudding. Yes, even that last, although I only got through half of it and was wishing I'd gone for the cranachan. Live and learn. We brought our own bottles to the dinner and someone miscalculated, with the result that we had quite a lot of wine left over that had to be pressed on people at the end. I went home for a nap while everyone else moved on to the Three Sisters, with the result that by the time they met back up with me (I was having leaving drinks at the Last Drop) they were absolutely steamin'. Very amusing sight, let me tell you. And a heck of a way to end my employment.

Going out for dinner with the bro tonight, and meeting up with Barb's son Bob tomorrow morning. Apparently he lives in Victoria. Then leaving on a jet plane again and should be in Edmonton by tomorrow night.

It is very nice being on holiday.

PS. Just in case a sudden desire to get me a Christmas gift strikes you.

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