happy camper (2007-01-29 - 11:13 p.m.)

I am so pleased. After long months of waiting and plotting (and saving - in fact, mostly saving) I got my MacBook. It is fast and it is small and its built-in webcam has definitely lived up to its billing so far. I gave it a hug when it came out of its packaging. This is the first time I've had a new computer EVER and it is very exciting, okay?

I also got a platinum credit card today. It's one of those cash-back ones, and the plan was to buy the computer ON the card but it took so bloody long to arrive that I became impatient. And now it's arrived today and I have discovered that I had I stuck with my original plan, I would have doubled the warranty on the computer. Insert string of nasty words here.

Oh well. At least I get travel insurance with it. THAT at least should come in quite handy.

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