happy! (2005-04-13 - 9:12 p.m.)

Guess what. I'm happy! What an awesome change.

Why am I happy?

1). (and I quote):

Hi Anne

I am so sorry that I did not e-mail this across yesterday.

I have attached your confirmation of start date letter, letter of
appointment and terms & conditions along with a personal details form to
bring along on your first day.

I have put a hard copy in the post also.

Also, regarding your query on references, there will be no need to ask the
Old Waverley Hotel for one and same goes for the other forms I previously
mentioned. I will inform Forest Holidays of your trip back to Canada, I am
sure this will not be a problem.

Any questions or problems,please don't hesitate to contact me.


HR Services


2). Just got back from looking at the most awesome flat... full of grad students who run the University of Edinburgh Whisky Society. It's right on the Meadows with Castle views. It's not even that I'm hoping to move it (it's kind of expensive...) it's just that I had such a great time. The first thing Matthew, who is moving out, said was "Welcome!" More or less the second thing he said was, "Would you like a dram?" And with that it turned from being another awkward "ask questions about the flat and get out" session to hanging out with a really cool guy(s, when his flatmate got home) who immediately felt like a friend. Of course the whole point is that he's moving away for the summer, but there was something really warming about encoutering that level of friendliness out of the blue. (The whisky may have something to do with the warm feeling, though!) Throws into sharp relief how lonely my flat usually is. Anyway, I've pretty much decided to move - remains to be seen where - and I think this is the turning point where life suddenly gets better. And I will think that until I'm proven wrong!

And 3). I quit!!!! I quit, I quit, I quit, and I'm not working at your nasty half-built uncaring dusty hotel ANY MORE. (Well, two more days, but after that not anymore).

It was a bit strange, actually. I called Donna from HR yesterday and asked what the deal was. She said, "Oh yes, I can email you your appointment forms today." I thought, right then, I obviously have the job, I should probably tell Alex since he'll want me to train someone else. Got back to work and told Alex I had to talk to him. The conversation:

Alex: Is this what I think it is?

Me: It can't be much of a surprise that I'm planning to leave.

Alex: Okay. Well, you can work till the end of this week, then just leave. You can have a week's wages in lieu of notice. I'd rather just make a clean break, and no offense, but as the reservation manager you could cause a lot of damage. I'd rather you just go.

Me: ..... um, oh. Okay. You don't want me to train someone? I have a friend (Ailbhe) who might want the job...

Alex: Actually, I think I might not hire anyone. I'll just do it myself.

Me: oooookay.... Right then. I guess I'll just bring in my notice on Friday.

Alex: Okay.

And that was that. Weird, eh? He is CRAZY. There is no way he won't go mad doing his job (Deputy Manager), doing reception shifts, and doing my job as well. Seriously, I'm starting to think he has some sort of complex where he identifies with his job so much he has to be the linchpin. Maybe he takes some sort of pride in the fact that the place falls apart when he's not around. He certainly never takes holidays or sick leave.

So now I have a week's leave in lieu of notice. Great, in a way, especially if I can dig up some temp work to fill in the financial gap... but I wish I'd known, because I wouldn't have mentioned anything till next week and got a full month's pay instead of three weeks. This is also a terrible time to be moving flat, because it's notoriously hard to get your last paycheque out of the hotel. I've seen it happen more than once.

But hey. I've been worried for weeks, and today I'm happy, so I will leave it at that. Hopefully it will work out. If not... I suppose I could see about a cash advance on my credit card...

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