what ho, Glossops all! (2006-04-17 - 10:07 p.m.)

"Was that the doorbell, Jeeves?"
"It certainly gave that impression, sir."
"Well, who is it?"
"I shall endeavour to ascertain, sir."

My family as a whole has somewhat of a Wodehouse fixation, and Tim brought a Jeeves and Wooster video over to my parents' on Saturday. Kudos to Stephen Fry, I say.

So I had a great weekend, thank you very much. To the point where (gasp) I even found myself thinking, "It wouldn't be so bad to live in Rocky again for a while..." I know, I know, I'd be searching for an escape after about two days, but it is a nice little town. For a visit.

Leaving again was not so easy. I knew something would go wrong as soon as six people in a row told me to drive safely. Sure enough, about 25 km outside of Rocky - engine light on, smoke pouring out of the engine, the whole works. I pulled over and had two oil workers rushing to my aid in a matter of moments. (Sometimes I love small towns). They busily took apart bits of the car and inserted voltmeters into other bits, but the final conclusion was that it was tow truck time. My father came to rescue me and lent me his massive old truck for the rest of the journey.

I am now safe in Edmonton and counting my blessings.

Since we're on the topic of Rocky: Here's a bit from the Mountaineer that I was saving for a rainy day (the recent snow will have to do).

Rocky Mountaineer Tuesday March 21: Everdell News

The St. Patrick's Day dance was well attended.... A big thanks goes out to all those who braved the weather, the organizers, the workers, the sponsors and, of course, the live band.

Must have been a heck of a scary band!

And here's an excerpt from last week's Police Report, always the best part of the paper. Gives a nice flavour of what life in small-town Alberta is like.

Police responded to a call concerning the theft of six dogs. The animals were mysteriously returned.

Police responded to a complaint of youths rolling quad tires down the road. The youths could not be located.

Police responded to a call involving youths between 12-13 years old riding bikes without helmets or license plates.

Police responded to a complaint of undergarments stolen off a clothesline.

Police responded to a complaint of an individual not knowing how to handle her former mother-in-law who would come to visit, harass her and look through her things. The RCMP advised her not to let her mother-in-law visit.


Police responded to the theft of a 1988 Reliant K-car (editor's note: a nice Reliant automobile!) with stickers on both sides of the car. At the time of the theft, the car was running with the keys in the ignition.

I'm so glad I get the paper again.

As a disclaimer, I would like to point out that the RCMP does a great job of handling the things they're called out for: the accidents, the attempted suicides, the thefts and domestic abuse. It's just that every so often they have to handle the stolen underwear calls as well...

Maybe I will make this a semi-regular feature, since it amuses me if no one else.

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