Feist! (2005-02-21 - 9:30 p.m.)

I am so excited. So very, very, very excited. Not ONLY is Feist going to be playing in Glasgow next week - but I just received the following email:

Dear Anne, here is the plan if you're up for it -

Moema (on copy) who works with us at Universal France is going to send
you a UPS package with cards, stickers, t-shirts, some
samplers...whatever goodies she can come up with for you to hand out
ahead of the show.....

You should:
1) email "reply all" with your address and a tel number for the UPS
2) give me the names of your two or three guests for the guest list &
aftershow passes

Will you be able to get the show a bit early and put up posters in the
venue? Our tour manager's name is:

Hervé Briland he'll get you & your friends
in the door ahead of time......

Let me know

and THANKS once again

Being my usual sceptical self I can't quite believe I will actually get into the Feist concert free AND get to meet her afterwards... but even the getting in free/ getting free Feist swag is more than enough for me. Ever since Steve introduced me to her music and suddenly all my friends were listening to her stuff, I've been really impressed. And I haven't seen any live music for SO LONG (beyond the Saturday-night bar variety, anyway).

And of course, to make it even better, this is the week Steph and Remkes come to visit. Two good friends + two free backstages passes = one very good time, I can almost guarantee.

It's so cool that Feist is on a French label. I seem to have become somewhat of a Francophile lately.

The even cooler thing is that Lesley Feist is from Calgary. I miss Alberta a bit.

In other news, didn't do much with my weekend but play lacrosse (on a very muddy field! was covered in mud when I got home) and clean things. And go out with the girls, of course. I was too tired to stay out late, though. The early-Saturday-morning lacrosse session seemed like a really bad idea at the time, but once we started playing it was great. Only 8 of us showed up, all girls, and the atmosphere was much more supportive and helpful than usual (ie, when the guys play). I feel like I'm starting to "get" the game, just a little tiny bit.

They moved our office at work. Now we're in what used to be the crappiest bedroom in the hotel. (It's not much better as an office, I have to say.) It's small and crowded with three of us in it, and Alex spent today coughing all over everything. And it's hot and does not smell like roses. (Then Alex sprayed it with aftershave and it got infinitely worse). I can't wait till the renovations are done. Oddly, though, I'm starting to like work better. Maybe because I kind of know what I'm doing now, sort of. I hope things continue in this vein.

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