Wax 'em off, then colour 'em in (2006-10-22 - 11:10 p.m.)

Talked to my father last night. He says, "Don't you have internet at home? Well, then you should update! You haven't updated in a week - if you were your brother I'd be frantic!"

I thought about pointing out that 1). I am not my brother; 2). My brother is at an undisclosed location in Europe at any given moment, while I'm in Edmonton and easily reachable should he have any concerns; and 3). I am lazy and tired and going through a low-updating phase.

But I decided not to.

Had a brunch this morning, as an experiment (and because Rene was whining about the lack of blueberry pancakes in his life). It went well, frying pan shortage notwithstanding. Allison was feeling ill and couldn't come, disappointingly, ("I don't want to be sick today - I wanted to meet the GERMAN!") Shelley from work came and brought about six times as much food as she could possibly eat. Brunch ended around 3 pm. I think I will do this again.

My excellent great-aunt is in town again, for a flying visit. Unfortunately, she called to tell me she was 15 minutes away from my house at the moment that I was 20 minutes away from my house, attempting to fix a flat tire. Steph noticed it first and suggested we go to Canadian Tire. Canadian Tire Man told me gruffly that they couldn't look at it today, probably couldn't look at it tomorrow, couldn't take an appointment and couldn't tell me what times were less busy. Steph and I, rebuffed, went to a gas station and pumped it up OURSELVES in the hope that it was just a slow leak. Looks like it is, because Mabel has been her old self since.

Finally made it back to my place for tea with Barb. True to form, she brought a large pile of baked goods for me. It was nice that she got to meet Steph, as they're both into that non-profit stuff. Afterwards we went for dinner with Barb's friend Kay at Gabbana's. Very yummy.

Friday night was the dreaded Hair and Makeup Work Night, which of course was preceded by the even more dreaded Eyebrow Waxing. The actual waxing was fine - it was the paying for it part that was painful. That and the large itchy bumps I'm now stuck with. Eyebrow Waxing lady told me to grow my brows in - which begs the question "WHY WAX THEM OFF IN THE FIRST PLACE?!" Anyway.

The makeup thing itself was rather painless, in comparison. Went to dinner at a Greek restaurant beforehand and tried retinsa, which I thought was very yummy. Found it very mild, but I think it's because they said it tasted woody and I was therefore expecting something more like scotch. However, it is definitely not. Oh well.

So I learned some new techniques for making my hair bouncy and curly, which would be great if I owned any of the tools we used to accomplish said look. We did our own makeup, and even given my inability to draw a straight line I came out looking surprisingly hot. Not going to invest in the tools to replicate it, though. There were about twelve distinct steps, one of which involved colouring in your eyebrows (again begging the question: "WHY DID I JUST WAX HALF OF THEM OFF THEN?!" Not that this is a sore spot.)

Went out dancing afterwards, to Cowboys of all places. However, luckily the two-step is ideal for showing off bouncy hair. We were seated next to the Table of Drama, where a very drunk blonde girl was celebrating her birthday by yelling at her boyfriend and falling off her chair flat on her face. Her boyfriend joined in the spirit of things by puking all over the table. So Samantha (or so said the reservation sign, before it got puked on) joined our table, promptly passed out slumped on top of it, then woke up and hit me (hard!) for apparently no reason at all. Then her friends grabbed her and hustled her bodily out of the room, and that was the last I saw of Samantha.

I think it's definitely bedtime. Been quite the weekend. But there, I updated!

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