Anne explores (2007-09-20 - 5:43 p.m.)

I have one more library card to add to my collection! For those who are interested, my collection now includes library cards from: Rocky Mountain House, Edmonton, London (Borough of Islington), Belfast, Edinburgh and now Gwynedd Council (good for Conwy, Gwynedd and Isle of Anglesey). Eventually I am going to make them into a piece of installation art, exhibit it at the Tate Modern and become famous.

The library is quite tiny but very, very friendly. (In fact, one could apply this statement to most of Bangor, so far). Whereas London required two separate pieces of mail to my London address, of which one had to be a bill, here they just wanted a bit of paper that said my Bangor address on it somewhere. No ID or anything else needed. They do have free internet and enough books to keep me going for a while, although a good portion of them are in Welsh, so out of luck there.

I'm having trouble getting my sleep schedule adjusted. After my epic feat of staying awake till 9pm local time on Monday night, I thought I should be good to go. Not so. I've been consistently waking up at 3am no matter what time I go to bed, staying awake for a few hours, then sleeping till the afternoon if left to sleep unchecked. Grrrr. Hopefully that sorts itself out soon, as I'm tired of feeling groggy. (no pun intended).

So, I have been exploring Bangor - what there is of it. Found the Post Office and (obviously) the Library, and the Museum today. The museum's quite good, small and free (!) and very cute. Lots of the stuff I like best, ie. old dresses and adverts.

I had forgotten the effect humidity has on me. To be fair, though, I think this is by far the most humid place I have ever lived. My hair has gone almost curly and is now doing this sort of bouncy thing. My skin's way less dry and my lungs like it. This, however, is balanced out by the disgusting damp smell of my house and the mould encroaching on my closet. Anna showed me the dehumidifier, which I have been running constantly. I emptied it out yesterday and ran it for a few hours last night, during which time it collected about a cup and a half of water. It is WET here. At least three people have told me that the weather was gorgeous last week, though. Apparently it doesn't want me to get my hopes up, and is starting off with wind and rain so I will get very excited when the sun comes back (if ever).

Went to the EEG experiment yesterday. Just about killed me (not literally, though - and no seizures involved this time). First had to wash my hair in this dodgy little lab sink, then sat for an hour and a half while the girls stuck electrodes on my scalp. Apparently this is harder if your hair is thicker, and mine's the thickest so far. A dubious honour. Then two hours of the actual experiment, while my contacts got more and more dried out and my vision began to blur. Everyone once in a while someone would come by and ask me to PLEASE try not to blink as it screws up the scan. However, in the end I got paid and will also get to see how they analyze the results, which will be very interesting. So probably worth it, all in all.

I bought a map today (and then was disgusted when found one down the road for 2 less). It really looks as if I've seen most of the middle of Bangor. However, if the weather is decent tomorrow I will try to head over to the piers and maybe see where the castle is. That's kind of a large "if", though.

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