sick and drowsy post (2005-04-07 - 3:57 p.m.)

Spring has sprung, the grass has riz (as my dad would say. Of course, he would add the rest of his version of the poem, which is in rather bad taste. About getting something nasty in your eye rather than little birds being on the wing.) Anyway, despite bouts of rain Edinburgh is getting even more beautiful with all the flowers out. Daffodils are everywhere and I smelled grass being mowed on my walk to work this morning.

Well, I started this post yesterday in very good spirits... and then I proceeded to catch the cold that's going around. There are some things I really don't like much about spring. It's my fault, though, for bragging that my immune system can fight anything off since I've started taking vitamin B to strengthen it. Obviously these germs took that as a challenge. So I've been moping about eating soup and jello (a sore throat is a major part of this disease) but have still been going to work. Taking days off is frowned upon in Reservations, since Alex will work through any disease he happens to have. It's not doing me much good today, though - feeling lightheaded and thought processes are very fuzzy. This should be a good post then!

So I still haven't given notice at the hotel from hell, because I don't have official confirmation from the Forestry Commission yet. I only need to give a week's notice, so I'm probably going to hold out till nearer the end of April. Even if for some reason I don't get the job (which doesn't seem likely but could still happen as I haven't signed anything) I will quit anyway. Temping is far preferable to this.

So since I will be between jobs for a week in April - I'm going to Spain! Probably only a couple of days, but I'm pretty excited. Always wanted to go to Barcelona. Fingers crossed everything works out for a job when I get back...

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