those dilemma horns again (2006-01-07 - 11:34 a.m.)

This week's dilemma:

1). I need a job and a place to live.

2). Places to live cost much more than jobs.

3). Jobs take much longer to find than places to live.

4). Therefore, I'm almost certainly going to find a place to live before I find a job, which will leave me completely skint once again.

What to do?

I suppose the other option is another few weeks of couch-surfing. I have no doubt I could do it, as my friends have been beyond amazing in their offers. (And I have not yet exhausted the family option either). But I am very sick of not having my own space, and I don't want to wear out my welcome with all of my friends. Come on, it's been a whole month already! Also, I may (MAY: the landlord's still checking references and making up his mind) have found a place with a super-good location that I probably wouldn't pass up. If that one doesn't work out, I guess I'll either take the back-up option (cheap! but slightly weird situation: some guy who works on campus who is renting out his daughter's old room. Separate bathroom, though) or keep couch-surfing.

And yes, dad, I have been applying for jobs. Many jobs. To the tune of about two applications per day. Most of the application deadlines were yesterday, so it'll be at least a week before I'm contacted, I would think. argh.

I also still have some money in my UK account that I am attempting to move to this side of the pond. Unfortunately, looks like it'll take "seven to nine working days".

Probable time to complete freak-out: oh, about three days. I'm staying with John at the moment, though, which is a fairly centering experience. John knows all there is to know about stress and how to cope with it (he learned the hard way). There is coping-with-stress literature lying all over the place. This may help.

Hey, it's snowing! Cool! We had a more or less brown Christmas, and the lack of snow is starting to weird me out a little. Just does not seem like Edmonton. Besides, I have my lovely blue duffle coat (justification: half-price in the sales, and anyway I needed a winter coat) and it needs testing. It goes perfectly with the huge Scarf-of-Doom that was my leaving gift from Forest Holidays, and I feel very smartly dressed. (If you ignore the fraying faded old jeans!)

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