Never Date a Welder (2006-03-07 - 10:15 p.m.)

Urgh, so sick. This time it's my stomach letting me down... (or, more to the point, not letting me keep anything down). Fun fun.

I think this is proof positive that I have pushed my immune system beyond its limit. Must have an unpleasant conversation with VV tomorrow... whee!

Had an interesting Sunday due to having accidentally agreed to go on a date with a welder from Leduc. Now, every single welder I have ever met has been odd or crazy to some extent, so I wasn't entirely sure what I was in for. But he asked me to DINNER and a MOVIE! Who does that? It's so 1955! so I had to go along with it and see what happened.

So we meet up at Blues on Whyte, where he was hanging out with a bunch of his friends. Fair enough. We go for dinner (excellent) although it's a lot like an interview. "So... what do you do for cultural activities?" Even still, all fine. We stop at the Black Dog for a pint because some of the math grad students were meeting up for Acid Jazz night. We have a pint and some more of his friends turn up. I make them welcome. Technically, it is now a group rather than a date. (ooh, I hate that word).

Then Malcolm turns up - the only one of the math grad students (and entourage - Steph was supposed to attend as well) to make it. I make introductions, Welder-boy says hi, and five minutes later disappears for a smoke. Twenty minutes later, I ask his friends where he is. They look shifty and tell me he might have left.

My question: WHAT THE HECK?! However, it did save me fending off any advances, so all good I suppose. So I had an entertaining few minutes ranting about how NO ONE walks out on a "date" with me, and who does he think he is, and then Welder-boy's friends, Malcolm and I hang out all night and enjoy the jazz. In fact, the female friend-of-Welder-boy got my number in case we want to go out again. She was pretty nice (much nicer than Welder-boy, I have to suspect).

Then on Monday I worked, and worked some more, and came home from VV at 10pm and fell into bed. Fell out of bed at 2 am and spent the rest of the night becoming very good friends with the bathroom floor. Sometimes I wish I was a rat, so as to be incapable of vomiting. (Then again, if it was food poisoning I probably just needed to get it out of my system).

So let's hope it's safely out, and I can get some actual rest tonight... and here's to a rat-like and therefore vomit-free rest of the week!

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