dancing cheek to cheek (2006-02-13 - 10:55 a.m.)

I'm beginning to suspect that Reese's Pieces are the perfect candy. Unfortunately, the Safeway by my house has them in a bulk bin. This could be dangerous.

I think my favorite dance is the waltz. Well, the waltz or the jive. Waltzing (with someone who can lead) is like floating on air. You just sort of glide and swoop across the floor.

Jive, on the other hand, is the most entertaining form of hard-core cardio I've ever come across.

That's right, I may have been sucked (to some extent) back into the world of ballroom dance. Lana got me a gig volunteering at the U of A Dance Club Valentines Dance on the weekend in return for free entry to the dance. I haven't had lessons for a good four years and barely remember the basic steps, but I had a wonderful time anyway. (Except for one guy who was a terrible to non-existant lead, and who decided to blame that fact on me. Having to hiss, "You were supposed to TURN there!" is never a good sign). But everyone else was great, and super-patient when I explained that I haven't danced for ages and forget all the steps.

Too bad I can't take lessons this semester. And will I be here next term? who knows...

Grrrr, my internet keeps going up and down and cutting out on me just as I go to post. I blame my roommates. I think I will give up and go swimming (to pre-emptively burn off all the Valentines chocolates I intend to eat).

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