salami-flavoured mead and curvy broads (2006-03-22 - 8:46 a.m.)

The Chev got stuck and Ford got stuck...

and the Intrepid spends its entire life that way. Oi. Went to attempt to rescue it today but it was happy to stay where it was. I think I could eventually have got it out by doing that reverse-forward-crank-the-wheel rocking motion thing, but it hardly seemed worth it. (And if there is a window scraper in the car anywhere, I could not find it).

My other Intrepid-rescue options are:

1). Dig it out (but don't have a shovel)

2). Push it out (but I think I exhausted my roommates' eagerness to
help in that regard)

3). Wait till spring.

I think I'll go with the third option.

By the way, anyone want to buy a car? You may have to do a little pushing before you take possession, though.

Anyway, after that little visit to the snow-clogged Intrepid, I gave up on driving and took the bus to the mall. This is why I don't own a car. I was in search of work trousers, but this is not so simple when you have extremely short legs. But I did get a big cuddly robe for $10, so it's all good. I very much miss Lindsay's robe, which was passed down to me when she went travelling through Europe. Sadly, I had to leave it in Edinburgh. Now that I have this one, I am tempted to not wear anything else for a week or so. (Does this count as appropriate office attire?)

I also almost bought the "Nerds Love Me" t-shirt. Still tempted, in fact. They do!

My dad called me yesterday while I was dropping some stuff by Rem and Malcolm's office.

"Are you at the pub?"
"What? No! It's like 5.30 pm! I'm at the math grad students' office. .... Drinking... mead."

Yep, that's right, if you stop by to visit them you will probably be offered both mead and port. I've always sort of wanted to try mead (since all the books I read growing up had everyone throwing back flagons of the stuff) and now I have. I was a little hesitant since Remkes told me it has a pronounced aftertaste of salami. Appetizing! I think he is crazy. It tastes of honey, since it's a honey-based drink. And it's quite nice.

I am really enjoying my comments page (especially since, if I want, I can block you from commenting! bwah-ha-ha). Makes this blogging business much more interactive, and therefore much more entertaining to me. It's also interesting to check my stats because I can see how people found the page. Apparently you get linked to my blog if you decide to search for "curvy broads" on Yahoo. That seems about right (despite the fact that the blog entry in question is about the English countryside!)

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