ongoing craziness (2005-08-24 - 11:37 a.m.)

I am sick again! So I will whine about it in my self-indulgent blog. Just a little cold but I feel horrible. Came into work anyway, a decision I am now regretting.

I know perfectly well that I brought it on myself, though. It was quite the weekend! This is what happens when there is a mass exodus of Canadians and I feel the need to see all of them every possible second while I still can.

Went out with Jen and the girls on Friday after work. We started at the Festival Tavern and worked our way north. I didnít stay up too late that night, because itís funny how when you start at 5 pm youíre ready to go to bed by midnight. (I didnít ACTUALLY go to bed at midnight Ė more like 2 am Ė but I was certainly ready).

Saturday was spent wandering around on the Mile and half-heartedly shopping for wedding presents. And doing laundry. Did I mention we have a gorgeous drying green out back of the flat? I love being able to hang out my sheets outside instead of trying to drape them around the flat in such a way that they donít mildew.

That evening was the famous barbeque put on by the church in Canonmills. Loads of free food, including burgers, corn on the cob, sweets and drinks. It was great and the church people were really nice. For once the weather was great as well, and it was so awesome to sit around outside in a skirt and tank top eating burgers. Ahhhhh, finally summer.

That night was the 27th birthday celebration of Mr Grand Lau. True to form he had a huge house party. Good fun, of course, as the flat layout is extremely conducive to parties and those boys know how to throw one. I was extremely well-behaved, and did not even get roped into playing the drunken game of Twister.

Wrote that yesterday, just before I succumed to illness and went home again. Ugh. I seem to have some kind of laryngitis, as I canít really talk and my voice is hoarse and whispery. On the plus side, it got me off the phones yesterday. I doubt Iíll have the same luck today. I hope this is just a quick cold. Annoying, though.

So anyway. In other news, it turns out I have the flatmate from hell. No, not Brandon, of course, who is as sweet as ever. And perhaps ďfrom hellĒ is too strong a term, but sheís suddenly decided to show her true colours and has been nothing but horrible to me ever since. It was brought on by a mistake of mine, which was shutting the door too loudly when I came in on Saturday night. I can only say that it was an accident, which is what I said when she came out and started screaming at me for waking her up. She was really horrible about it despite the fact that I was trying to apologise. Then she went into the kitchen and started throwing things (or so it sounded) and then slammed a few doors and went back to bed. I was pretty upset and couldnít sleep either. Ugh. Iím not used to being spoken to like that, although I can certainly understand being upset.

Then yesterday, part 2 of the saga. I came home about 1 pm because I was too sick to stay at work and ran into her on the stairs. Didnít really want to see her after Saturday, but Brandon was bugging me to talk to her about it and I figured I should try. But I didnít get to talk at all. I got yelled at again for my alleged habit of slamming the door, and accused of doing it just to annoy her. Iím not sure if she has some kind of persecution complex or what. Every time I tried to say something she just talked right over me, in a rude tone of voice. Then she said, ďI donít know whatís WRONG with you!Ē, stomped out and slammed the door. (Apprarently itís fine for her). I found this very upsetting as I donít like discord and didnít want a fight. Also I never got to say anything back (not that I could talk) and now things are really awkward at home, which is never fun. Not sure what I can do about it as sheís obviously not going to talk to me calmly and politely, so I will ride it out and see, I guess. And hang out with Brandon a lot!

Itís weird, too. Sheís nice as pie to him. She was nice to me too up to this point. What the heckís going on?! Especially since Iíve been very, very careful about doors since Saturday night!

Anyway. Sunday I woke up early (not deliberately!) and went to the Pipefest with Jen and Shannon. This was basically as many men in kilts as you can imagine, all striding through Holyrood Park. There were pipe bands from all over the place, including many from Canada. You could tell, of COURSE, by the maples leaves they had plastered all over their pipes. A lot of little kids were waving Canadian flags as well. Those pipers must have decided to bring the whole family along! There were also bands from France, Holland, Australia, several Scandinavian countries, America and of course lots of places in England and Ireland. It was really cool as I like pipe bands, and there were even a few brass bands to break the monotony. Some of them had really fancy outfits with their kilts, complete with tall feathery hats and leopardskins (some with heads still attached!) and other bands just had a bunch of guys in mismatched kilts striding along. The only problem was that there only seem to be about five songs that can be played on the bagpipes (why this is I donít know) and so we heard the same five songs over and over. I wish I knew the names, as I now quite often get them in my head!

On the way home we stopped by a great little sweet shop that Jen knew of, and all (yes, even Shannon) and had some treats. They had stroopwaffles! I was so pleased, Iíve missed them. I got a packet of 10 and have been eating them very slowly.

Sunday night was my Bonnie ďPrinceĒ Billy concert. Unfortunately it was at 11:30 at night. Also unfortunately I ended up going alone Ė or at least I thought it was unfortunate until I met some fellow music geeks who were milling around the Queenís Hall bar. They looked like grad students, but they turned out to be journalists. We talked for a bit before the show, and then met up afterwards for a couple of pints. This is how I came to go to bed at 3:30 am on a Sunday night.

The show itself was amazing, though. I havenít enjoyed a concert so much in a long time. For one thing, despite booking two days before the show I was about five feet away from the stage and right beside the musicians. The show was as weird as I expected, or rather Will Oldham was as weird as I expected. Lots of hopping about the stage and doing little jerky dances and making whatís left of his hair stick straight up. It was great. He didnít really actually talk to the crowd, but the band talked to each other and I could hear it all. So awesome. They played ďI See a DarknessĒ as their last song, as well, which made me very happy.

Franz Ferdinand concert is next week. Valerie says she does not feel sorry for me at all for missing Folk Fest.

Monday I was exhausted, not surprisingly, but I had to be awake because Aussie Scott came up to visit from London. Heís gone off on a MacBackpackers tour at the moment, but heíll be back on the weekend. And then yesterday I got sick and thatís my week so far.

Except that Jen has left. Very sad, so I am trying not to think about it, and will stop talking about it now.

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