corstorphine (2005-05-13 - 6:03 p.m.)

My brother has started a blog! This ought to be interesting. Should you wish to check the results of what emerges from his convoluted mind (yes, Fred, I'm talking about you) check out The Willbur Project.

Man, I wish I had a computer and the internet so I could mess around and figure out how to make this site nicer. Would be nice to have a links bar along the side like a blogger site. Oh well... Not going to happen in the foreseeable future.

The sun is out and has been for days. I bought SPF 40+ sunscreen, which is probably wishful thinking in Scotland. (Also slightly ironic considering I used a scanty bottle of SPF 30 for a week in Spain and got burnt to a crisp.) Still, it's lovely, and I get a whole hour for lunch and have been wandering around exploring Corstorphine. It's a nice bit of town, actually - more like a village than a proper part of Edinburgh.

I got mocked by a cab driver for not being able to pronounce Corstorphine, by the way. Does it not look like it should be pronounced, "COR-stor-feen"? I certainly thought so. He thought it was hilarious. In fact, it's "cor-STOR-fin", and don't you forget it.

I have a landline now! Very pleased. Brandon was nice enough to go find us a phone, so now we can be contacted. Email me for the number, as it occurs to me that posting it on the internet for all and sundry may not be the best idea ever.

Tomorrow is the housewarming party. We may or may not have a new flatmate by then... it's been insanely hard to find someone for the wee room. I hope it's someone cool. It will certainly change the dynamic. I just hope it's not someone ELSE working 9 to 5, because the bathroom gets crowded enough as is!

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