Corb rocks (2005-09-29 - 9:45 a.m.)

The new Corb Lund CD rocks! (or should that be ďcountriesĒ?) Thanks so much to my family for sending it. Only trouble is, itís making me extremely homesick for those prairies and foothills. Everybody sing along now:

ďHurtiní Albertan, with nothing more to lose,
Too much oil money, not enough booze
East of the Rockies and west of the rest
Do my best to do my damndest and thatís just about all I guess.Ē

The Hurtiní Albertans, by the way, have the second-best downhome band name (coming in just after The Three Musty Steers, from Rocky Mountain House, Alberta).

Havenít heard a word from the bro (Tim, of course- Willís been in touch, oddly enough) which doesnít hugely surprise me. Heís under instruction to call my mobile and let me know his weekend plans, but Iím willing to bet he doesnít yet know them himself. This makes it very difficult to make my own weekend plans, though. I am in suspense.

It has been a quiet week at Comely Bank Road, with Brandon gone. Iíve enjoyed having the house (mostly) to myself, though. Had Andrew over for dinner yesterday in an attempt to force some veg into him. Heís the least healthy person Iíve ever met, and itís all (Iím convinced) because of his typically Scottish diet of white bread, cheese and Irn Bru. He wouldnít eat dessert (apple crisp: had a ďfunny textureĒ apparently) but was happy with dinner even though it had a slight burnt aftertaste. Oops.

I am trying to decide if I should go to lacrosse tonight. Iím not sure about running on my stupid ankle (still larger than the other, still making funny noises, still sore on and off) andÖ well, Iím bad at lacrosse and Jen wonít be there to make me feel better about it. On the other hand I did enjoy it last year and the exercise and company are always good. And £30 for half a year is pretty good. Will end up deciding at five minutes before, as usual.

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