Baby, it's cold outside (2006-11-29 - 12:18 p.m.)

Things about Winter in Alberta:

* The crunch and squeak of snow as your boots press into it
* The snowshoe hare that has taken to lurking around my building, blending into the snow and then jumping out at me suddenly
* The distinctive triangular or serrated shape at the edges of sidewalks that have been shoveled by hand
* The way the dry wind sucks the air and moisture out of your throat, leaving you gasping for breath
* Passing people on the street and seeing nothing but their eyes amid all the layers
* The twin bruises that have expanded to cover my knees from falling on every other icy street corner
* The way the road looks polished in the spots where the snow is compressed into ice by people spinning their tires in an attempt to get through an intersection

Things I Inexplicably Like:
* Dainty old teacups
* Old magazines, the older the better
* Old advertisements, especially the 30s through the 70s
* Duffel coats
* Boots, especially tall boots

It is still -40C today. I am still cold and increasingly bored of this weather and being indoors. (Been doing a lot of overtime lately). However, I AM getting a lot of project-type things done when I finally get home from work... and my house is somewhat clean.

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