sweet and clean-cut (2006-02-14 - 9:13 a.m.)

What's new? I'll tell you what's new!

1). I got really tired of the blue-and-white and fixed up this blog somewhat. Comments and constructive criticism welcome, although my HTML skills are very, very basic so I don't think you'll be seeing anything too amazingly complicated.

2). I got a real job!!! That pays twice as much as VV! I'm scared to trust it until papers are actually signed , but they've already called about adding me to their database, so I guess it's official. I start next week.

This was the interview that the agency I signed up with sent me on - "you probably won't get this one, you don't have nearly as much experience as they want. Still, you may as well go. Wear appropriate attire."

So I went, although I wondered why I bothered. Appropriate attire indeed, as if I would show up for an interview in jeans! Interview went fine, although I was half an hour early because agency-lady told me the wrong time.

Then agency-lady called THREE TIMES while I was swimming yesterday. When I called her back, she expressed surprise that they wanted me but said it was because I was so "sweet and clean-cut", despite my lack of skills. (Wait until I get my dreadlocks!) Then she reminded me once again to wear "appropriate attire" to my first day of work. sigh.

But hey, it's all good... I still have no real idea what the job entails, but I'll see how it goes and if it doesn't work out, it doesn't work out.

3). Despite #2, I am keeping the VV job. I know, I know, the last time I tried to work two jobs I ended up burning myself with an iron because I was too tired to notice my skin bubbling. But I couldn't bring myself to quit after the pep talk they gave up on Sunday about employee retention and how much they love us, they really really do. Hopefully I don't die from pulling too many double shifts.

3). It's my father's birthday. (Happy Birthday!) It's also V-Day, which means cheap chocolate tomorrow. Lana already has plans to go shopping.

4). Got some tough decisions to make about what to do next - this job is technically for a year - but feel SO much less horrible and depressed. So yay!

And at least I showed that agency lady.

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