Share the Square (2006-06-18 - 11:26 p.m.)

Yesterday I went to the library (and to get a Buck 65 ticket - anyone want to sit with me?) and walked out right into the middle of a Pride celebration at Churchill Square. Of course it was teeming with drag queens and other colourful people, but the homeless people whose stomping ground it generally is were there as well, looking somewhat confused.

The best thing I saw was a cluster of drag queens in their sky-high stilettos and gravity-defying hair. As I walked past, one of them slapped another teasingly on the rear, and she sort of giggled and did a little sidestep. One of the homeless couples was just passing and saw this, and they started laughing hysterically and one of them slapped the other on the rear in imitation as she did the little sidestep. Then they both ran off laughing. It was pretty funny.

Apart from that, the weekend has consisted of free food (thanks, Lana!) and sports-watching. How bizarre. No choice but to watch the World Cup football (as the Germans are way into it, and in fact a few of the games are being played at their home stadium in Leipzig). And then, of course, there's the Oilers. My favorite hockey moment was when they showed a clip of Craig MacTavish, the Oilers coach, just after his team won the last game (that Carolina was pretty sure they had sewn up). He was jumping up and down holding up seven fingers and waving them in the faces of the despondent Hurricanes fans. And he was right - we're going to game seven.

Went to check out Whyte after the game to see what was shakin', but the cops have got their acts together and they had it under super-tight control. You could only cross at 102 or 107 Street even when the crossing lights were on, and anyone who made a wrong move was leapt upon by the Mounties. However, I think the incredulous, joyous delerium that marked Whyte after the first few wins has gone and maybe that contributes to the calm as well. We'll see what happens tomorrow...

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