bye bye London (2004-06-28 - 9:02 p.m.)

Frabjous day! Heard from John today, and his old room at 117 Dunluce Avenue in Belfast will be free next month. Also, his landlord doesn't mind me moving in for a month. So it's goodbye London (sometime next week) - you can keep your grimy old streets and your downcast people. I'm off to the land where towels never dry and annoying wee'uns roam the streets. Ah well, I will be happy to hang out with John, and I'll be moving in with Bee and Aga (plus some random Polish friends of Aga's), both of whom are good sorts.

So when will I move? Not quite sure. I have to sort out the best way to get there with all my stuff. I think it's too much to take on Easyjet. Really don't want to do the coach again, though. Guess we'll see.

In other news, there will be a Tube strike from 6:30 pm Tuesday (tomorrow) till 6:30 pm Wednesday. Since I have to rep two flights on Wednesday, this means I have to go out to Heathrow the night before and stay over, to make sure I make the flights in time! BUNAC's paying, of course, and I'm staying with a cool Scottish girl who's repping the American flights. I think it'll be fun, or at least a nice change.

Went to a party for a friend of Nicolas's on the weekend. It was pretty entertaining - talked to a girl from Brasil and one from Columbia, plus the usual mix of Spanish and French people and some Irish guys. Tom's little sister was down from Yorkshire too, and just aching to practise her French (she's 18 and just did her A-level in it - the equivalent of Grade 12). So she and I were talking to Francis in our terrible high-school French (although hers was admittedly better). It was kind of fun. I suspect my French has improved, if only marginally, just by hearing it in the other room all the time at home.

So anyway, must go pack for Heathrow and start thinking about how to cart my crap to Belfast.

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