Burns again, oh how it burns (2006-01-25 - 4:33 p.m.)

It's Burns Night and I'm not in Scotland. Boo hoo, whine whine whine, you know the drill. John and I had big plans for cooking a haggis and a' that (even went so far as to find out where in Edmonton you can buy uncooked haggis! There are three of them!) but through a combination of illness and laziness are resorting to going to O'Byrnes instead. Yes, I know this is technically an Irish pub, but if they want to celebrate Rabbie who am I to say nay?

Besides, they are piping in the haggis and having dancers, apparently. I shall wear my kilt.

Things are much more optimistic this week. Having stopped by my old stomping grounds at the University on Monday, I was reminded of how much I liked working there (one or two small problems aside). Had a good old chat with my former supervisor, just to see how things are going. Lo and behold, I got an email from her today saying they desperately need some office help next week, and am I free to temp for a few days on a free-lance basis?

Am I! So I start Monday and go until the work's done, I guess. I'm also hedging my bets by going in for an interview with a temp agency tomorrow. One way or another, I should have some sort of cash flow in February. About bloody time!

Had a good talk with my old friend Babe Lloyd at Steve's gig on Friday. Babe has an interesting story: the long and the short of it is that he worked at Safeway for eight months before being offered a job that actually uses his education and sounds tailor-made. He was offered the job by a guy who went through his Safeway till. I know he was attempting to market himself to anyone who walked past the whole time, but this still reinforces the idea I have always had in the back of my head that many of life's major decisions depend to a great extent on serendipity. I tend to sort of wander around in a fog till an opportunity presents itself, and when it does it changes the whole direction of my life.

Trouble with this theory is - that leaves me just sitting around waiting for something to come up.

Anyway. Digression. Babe also has a radio show called Get Some West on CJSR, which is all Western Canadian artists of all stripes and which is worth checking out. Tuesdays at 11 pm, yo!

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