long may your bum reek (2005-07-26 - 3:23 p.m.)

Two posts in one day, but I just had to share this one because it set me giggling so hard that I couldn't stop, and had to go to the loo to try and compose myself. (This will probably not have the same effect on anyone else, though. Possibly you have to live in Scotland, as you get this kind of thing more often than you'd think.)

From the offices of Audit Scotland:

"We had to sign a card for a guy in the office who is getting married and we were reading the other comments. One of them looked like 'Long may your bum reek' which seeemed like an odd thing to write on a wedding card, so we queried it with the guy who wrote it. He replied that it was 'lang may your lum reek' which is an old Scots term meaning 'long may your fire burn', but we preferred the one we thought it was.

Crazy auditors!"

I would also like to add that one of our rival campsites in the New Forest is apparently called Sandy Balls. We have loads of people ringing up and saying, "Sandy Balls was full, so we called you." Very hard not to laugh in their ears.

I've been listening to my brother Tim's country mix that he gave me when I was home (thanks Tim!) and now I can't get the Rodeo Song out of my head. bad bad bad. It's been a giggly sort of day.

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