job/Bruges (2004-03-27 - 6:02 p.m.)

I got the job at BUNAC!!! Frabjous day. Whether or not I take it (and who am I kidding, what are the chances I won't?) it means I can obviously handle the differences in CV style and whatnot between here and home. A happy thing.

In other news, I'm in Bruges (aka Brugge - "Brug-he" is the pronounciation in Dutch. Very confusing). Have to make this quick, because this internet cafe is way too expensive. The ride down was great. Well, going through London not so much since it took forever, but the ferry ride was wonderful and lived up to all my ferry expectations. I was pleased to see the famous White Cliffs of Dover (and had Matthew Arnold's poem Dover Beach in my head - it's a gooder) and of course enjoyed the opportunity to wander around on the deck of the boat. The weather was beautiful as well, very sunny, and the Channel water was an amazing shade of aqua green.

The rest of the ride was okay, although I got off the bus in Gent and had an interesting time trying to figure out the train to Bruges. Luckily the little Dutch I learned in Utrecht stood me in good stead.

Arrived at the station to be picked up by Geo. He's working at the Bauhaus hostel, which is where I'm staying. At the moment I have a room to myself, which is sheer heaven.

Bruges is a beautiful town. I can see why most of the people I saw were tourists! Very medieval, full of cobblestones and architechture from every era. I had a wonderful time today just wandering the streets looking around. I'm happy to be out of London, which makes me wonder about the wisdom of taking a job there. But the overwhelming urge to have somewhere to stay will overrule my dislike of London living, I think.

So yes, relatively good news all around. I'm even less sick, or at least coughing less. I suppose I'll stay here for a few days and then head back to London and look for a home.

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