my life in boxes (2006-01-27 - 11:40 p.m.)

Oh so tired. Spent the day a). on the Greyhound surrounded by constantly screaming children; b). at Costco and c). sorting and hauling around the incredible amount of detritus I have managed to accumluate (and carefully store) over my lifetime. The vast majority of the day was spent on c). Ugh. However, I have most of the important stuff loaded into the truck and hopefully the rest will fit in tomorrow morning.

Know what I want? The old brick-and-board shelves my dad originally assembled in high school. Know why I want them? Me neither. Just general dorkiness and lack of desire to buy actual pre-made shelves, I think. Bricks are HEAVY, though. We will see how much effort I am willing to put into this.

Had a pretty interesting night last night at Bohemia Cybercafe, where Jody Boylan played an acoustic set and Steve and Granger later DJ'ed. So yeah, basically it was Little Onoway. Granger's outfit was worthy of note for the pairing of (very cute) red shoes with stripy tights and pearls. I haven't seen him in ages, but his style has not changed much.

And then stayed up far too late with selected members of the Write-and-Complain-Creatively support group.

Today's topic of dinnertable discussion: the most annoying American phrase. My mother nominated "fixing dinner", and I have to agree. No idea why this grates so much, but it certainly does.

Also, in case anyone was wondering (besides my mother, that is) if you would like to comment on the content of this blog, leave nasty comments, tell me where to find a job or nominate annoying American phrases, it is possible to click on the Tell me about it below and do so.

Suppose I had better go continue shoving things in boxes...

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