boring work, rainy weather (2005-06-29 - 2:03 p.m.)

More than 16 000 steps yesterday! (Don't know exactly how much more because I forgot to clip on the pedometer for a couple of hours - but I was mostly just sitting in the park anyway so it couldn't have been much). I hope that makes up for today, because it's pouring and I won't be walking much of anywhere. I may walk home even though it'll be wet because I don't really have money for bus fare, though. I literally have 2 to my name (plus 8 in the bank) till Thursday. Technically I have a bit in another account, but I'm not touching that unless I'm desperate. Emergency money!

Walked home with Paul from work yesterday, who is in the same boat. He is coping with being completely skint by not eating lunch. I was a bit aghast. To me, food is a necessity and I will put it on my credit card if I have to. Lunch is not optional, in my books.

However, they're having some kind of promotion at work to get us to eat five servings a day of fruits and veggies (correct me if I'm wrong, but is it not more like 9 servings in Canada?) and they gave us each a free bag of fruit this morning. Sweet! Guess Paul gets lunch after all.

Mom asked why I never post about work. That's because it is so very boring. It's not terrible like the hotel - but that means there aren't any good stories either. Except for the lady who called (TWICE!) and told me both times that she couldn't understand my "funny accent". Hmph. She had a horrible mid-English accent, herself.

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