and so it (2006) begins (2006-01-02 - 11:56 p.m.)

January second, and I've just about recovered from New Years Eve. No, I did not party that hard, but I did stay up that late. It's a long-standing tradition at Steve's house.

Started the evening out at Steph and Rem's, where I was nearly knocked down by my greeting from Remkes. (I was happy to see him as well). Oddly enough it's been more than ten months since I've seen him. Very ridiculous, but should get much better now that I'm living in the same city (and, for the moment, sleeping in his living room).

Had to take off early to get to the NYE gig at the Starlite Room. I missed the first band but was in loads of time for the headlines, Shout Out Out Out Out. Who were great fun. This is a band that knows how to get the whole room on its feet (and "the whole room" encompassed a pretty huge number of people - Steve's girlfriend was working there that night and she says they were well over capacity upstairs, while downstairs was nigh empty). Anyway, Steve and I danced (and tried not to get groped by drunken boys) and kissed his girlfriend at midnight. One of the Shout Out Out Out Out guys (possibly one of the bass players: they appear to have four of them) has what I can only assume to be the 780 area code tattooed on his arm. Unless he wrote it on there for the night with Magic Marker. Regardless, that's what I call Northern Alberta pride!

I suppose I should do some end-of-2005 retrospective and pretend to be thoughtful, but eh. Cannae be bothered, as they don't say here. Maybe tomorrow.

Happy 2006!

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