bedtime (2004-09-28 - 8:43 p.m.)

Okay, I am a wimp. Barb and Grandma are downstairs partying it up with Susan and David (the relatives we are staying with) and I can't stand it any longer - I have to get some sleep! In my defense, though, if you'd seen the difference between my seat on the plane (squished in next to a guy who'd apparently never heard of deodorant) and theirs (enough legroom for six of them, built-in personal tv, gourmet meals, footrests, fully reclining seats) you would understand why they're slightly more well-rested. Being the caring relatives they are, though, Grandma and Barb saved me bits of the food they were constantly being served and snuck it back to me in a napkin! So it was all good.

Heathrow was about what I dreaded it to be - it was complicated meeting up, complicated getting my luggage (theirs was marked "Priority" so it came straight to them) and horribly complicated maneuvering Grandma's wheelchair plus 300 pounds of luggage. Luckily, however, paying for 1st class seats buys you a personal handmaiden in the form of an Air Canada employee, and ours helped us get our coach tickets and then called the "HelpBus" to get us to the coach station. So it went much better than it might have and we caught the bus - albeit with only two minutes to spare.

Susan and David, as promised, are great - entertaining, hospitable and easy to get along with. Also their house is very cool (all strange twisting staircases and rooms off at odd angles). It reminded me of a hobbit-hole when I first walked in - probably to do with the cozy feel lent by the low ceilings and shelves of books.

But I am exhausted and braindead (27 hours without sleep and counting) and I have a lovely big room all to myself - so I'm off to bed!

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