my body contains 0.02043g of Barium (2006-01-22 - 1:46 p.m.)

Congratulations and happy thoughts in the direction of Rob and Claire, whose wedding I very much enjoyed yesterday. Oooh, I had so much fun. Rob is, without hyperbole, one of the nicest people in the universe, and I was excited to see him so happy. He and Claire seem very well-matched, so best wishes for a long and happy marriage (and two quickly-completed PhDs!).

The wedding was suitably nerdy, as one would expect when a particle physics PhD student marries a microbiology PhD student. We did not have table assignments for the dinner, we had Periodic Table assignments. I was seated at the Barium table, the "heaviest" and "densest" in the room. Cheers Rob! Although by the time I got through the dinner, the dessert, the snack buffet and two pieces of cake, I was certainly feeling fairly heavy myself. Neighboring tables included Lithium (appropriate: some of Rob's more manic former roommates were seated there) and Yttrium.

So the ceremony was very nice, one of the bridesmaids turned out to be someone I vaguely knew but had forgotten I knew, and the bride had a gorgeous cloak of which I was very jealous. The geek factor at the reception was high (while still managing to be a very elegant party). Conversation at our table was getting a little technical, and someone said, "So what would we be talking about if this was a non-nerd wedding?"

"I'm guessing it would be along the lines of, 'how 'bout them Blue Jays?'"

...and I just had to leap in with, "Actually, there's been some very interesting research done on spatial navigation in blue jays and other members of the corvid family..."

Worst pun of the day: "Here are some cell numbers in case you need to contact the wedding party. As you can see, this is a multi-cellular wedding party..."

Although I didn't know very many people at the wedding, I wouldn't have missed dancing at Rob's wedding for anything. And it was a wonderful chance to catch up with Valerie, who has defected to BC for a couple of months. Not a bad way to spend a Saturday.

Friday night was exciting as well. It was the inaugural gig for The Warehouse District, Steve's band. Okay, okay, it wasn't their first gig, but it was the first time I saw them, which is surely the important thing. Check them out!

I somehow managed to get on the guest list (thanks Ashley!) so in gratitude I worked the merch table for them. And couldn't resist buying a cool band t-shirt. Fun!

And now it's Sunday and a day of rest. Steve is sorting me out a computer this week, so I will work very hard on job-related things then.

Canadians: go vote tomorrow!

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