Bank Holiday doings (2005-08-28 - 2:47 p.m.)

I am supposed to be watching Brad play cricket at the moment, but the weather is not conducive. It's not actually raining, but it's dark and windy and I can't quite face the thought of sitting in the middle of a field in that watching men in white outfits hit balls around. I am clearly a fair-weather friend.

Instead I'm at an internet cafe with Aussie Scott, who is visiting. He's here till Tuesday morning. He was on a MacBackers tour all week, and last night we went out for a drink with his tour guide, who then invited us to a party at the Dean Hotel. It was a little random, but it's right down by my place so I figured, why not? Turned out to be kind of interesting. It was a triple 30th-birthday party for a group of people who'd known each other since high school, and so it was a little hard to break into the groups of people hugging each other and screaming, "I haven't seen you in YEARS!!" Everyone kept asking me who I knew, and I kept saying, "Actually, I'm crashing". It was all good, though - everyone was quite nice. I met some people who knew Graham who I briefly dated last year, and that Ross guy who writes letters to the Metro (free commuter newspaper) every third day representing an animal rights group. Pleasingly random.

Today, since the weather is not doing anything useful, we stopped by the half-price ticket booth and are going to see a show in a couple of hours. I ran into Kevin from the Old Waverley on the street today as well. He brought me up to show me the hotel's refurb, which is actually really nice (amazing, given the people in charge) and told me that there's a show on tonight he might be able to get us into for free. No word on that yet, but if I get to go it will be very exciting...

Speaking of shows, Brandon and I went to see Jump on Wed. It was a crazy Korean martial arts-slapstick thing with very little plot but lots of backflips. It was fun and tipped the balance, in that now I feel like I've done some Fringe stuff and have not wasted too much of the opportunity.

More than one person has told me that my psycho flatmate obviously has more deep-seated issues with me than the doors being closed loudly. Some kind of three's-a-crowd thing with Brandon has been suggested. This seems unlikely, but I wish I knew what was going on. Regardless, I saw her this morning for the first time since the Tuesday Incident and she just ignored me. Much preferable to shouting. It has been very tense and edgy at my house lately, though, let me tell you.

Tomorrow is a Bank Holiday, which I will probably spend seeing cheap shows with Scott and Brandon. I also plan to go get my ankle x-rayed, as it's been a month and it's still swollen and sore. I can put weight on it, but it does seem odd that the swelling hasn't gone down.

Lots to look forward to this week: notably Franz Ferdinand on Tuesday, and then off to Orkney! I need to get some wet-weather gear, as we will inevitably spend the entire trip soaked.

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