Atari! (2006-12-19 - 11:28 p.m.)

So I just got back from a party at Meaghan's where we ate Thai food and then played a text-based softcore porn game (that was what it was called, Softcore Porn Game) on the Atari. Copyright 1981. Wow.

The game was not very pornographic. Though we did eventually find a "funky hooker". And a sign warning us to watch out for the clap.

There was also a very disturbing game wherein two light-skinned clowns threw a darker-skinned clown at the roof over and over again to knock down balloons. Until you screw up and he falls and smashes his head on the floor. Did this seem like a good idea in the early '80s? Wow.

I have a long entry from last week saved somewhere but I cannot be bothered to go and find it right now. I spent the whole day making pretty graphs under deadline and then spent the evening shouting "go north! go north! now pick up the beer!" at Christopher, who was doing the Atari-typing, and watching Steph smash open a coconut with a hammer.

No wonder I am exhausted.

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