travel addict (2005-06-24 - 11:53 p.m.)

So I figured out what the problem was. It's not that I don't like Rocky or didn't want to be in Rocky - it's that somewhere along the way I seem to have gotten myself addicted to travelling! The thought of being stuck somewhere (even Rocky) with no way to leave makes me feel trapped and antsy. And besides, when was the last time I had four spare days and didn't go somewhere new?!

So yep... this could be a bad thing. I suppose I'll just have to figure out a way to do a lot of road trips once I move back to Alberta (if I move back to Alberta) to try and quell my restlessness. Because in this country you certainly can't just hop the train and head over to another town a couple of miles down the road! sigh.

That being said, I did make it up to Edmonton for a very brief visit. I had to take the Greyhound after my dentist appointment, which was an interesting experience. It wasn't a bus, it was a Greyhound van that held maybe 15 people, most of whom were rig pigs or old ladies who had been visiting their families. The driver spent the time crank-calling the people at his pickup points and playing a very random mix of music, including Corb Lund, Elvis and some weird pan-pipe stuff. It was fun, though - watching all the familiar scenery that I haven't seen in a year go by.

I had an hour-long layover in Red Deer, during which I got hit on twice (by rig pigs, of course). Mostly spent the hour watching the very weird assortment of people who wind up in a Greyhound waiting room.

Even though I didn't have much time in Edmonton, I'm glad I went. I got to say goodbye to Steve and Derek properly (not to mention the cats) and got some essential shopping done. And it was just nice to be in the house again. I feel more at home there than anywhere else, oddly enough. I hope Steve doesn't plan to move anytime soon!

I caught a ride back to Rocky with Zach, whose brother is getting "married" tomorrow (the actual wedding was five years ago. Don't ask). We had the rehearsal and a little appetizer party at the Irmens' place. I have to walk down the aisle first, as the only bridesmaid who didn't flat-out refuse, which is a little nerve-wracking. Hopefully it will go well.

It's my last night in Canada for a while, which sucks. I really wish I could stay longer. Kind of strange - this is the first time I've left actually knowing what will greet me on the other end. It's a weird feeling knowing my flat is in Scotland, waiting for me. I don't know why, but it is.

The trouble with living in two places is you never know when you're home!

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