(in)activity (2005-12-19 - 8:05 a.m.)

I got sucked into the black hole of inactivity that is The House of Steve. I can't imagine how I ever got anything done when I lived here. Sundays are particularly bad: one tends to just sink into the couch and not emerge until midnight. Which is sort of what happened to me.

However, I did go out Saturday night and was reunited with my family. Several helpings of my aunt's famous spaghetti and a show at the Citadel: could not ask for more. The show was A Christmas Carol, which they do very well. I especially like the set, with things suddenly appearing through the floor and falling from the ceiling. And all very emotional when Tiny Tim dies.

There was a party at Chris' that night that I was compelled to miss, mostly because he has the misfortune to live in St Albert. No way I could have made it out there in time, after walking back from the show with my dad in his toque with the little bobble on the top. Therefore I am still out of touch with everyone, so if you live in Edmonton and read this: email me!

Today will have to be a day of frenetic activity to make up for yesterday. Much Christmas shopping needs to be done, for one thing. I have an offer of a ride tomorrow or Christmas Eve... rats. I am not convinced I'll have everything done by tomorrow, but Christmas Eve is a long wait. We shall see how efficient I am today, I suppose.

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