DEATH CAB CONCERT!!! (2004-03-02 - 11:13 a.m.)

I get to see Death Cab for Cutie in concert!!!

I'm pretty excited, in case you couldn't tell. Haven't been to a concert for a while - at least not one that was my idea (although I've tagged along to quite a few of other peoples' choices in the last few months). Also this should be cool because it's at what looks to be a smallish club in central Utrecht. Steph and Remkes are coming as well... I played Death Cab off their computer for a few days and got Remkes hooked.

I'm especially proud of myself for managing to dig up the tickets. Difficult, when everything is in Dutch. I went to the website of the bar they're playing at (Ekko) and signed up for some kind of mailing list. This is the message they sent me:

"Bij Plato zijn nog voldoende kaarten als je tijdig gaat.

Groet Ekko."

So Steph and I emailed them back and asked if anyone spoke English and could translate... someone got back to me and it turns out Plato is the name of a record store where tickets (kaarten) were being sold. So we found the location on a map and I ventured down there on my own and procured some tickets. Even told they counter guy how many in Dutch! (although I held up three fingers, which I suspect is the only reason he understood me).

Excited. This will also mark the first time I will have gone anywhere in the evening in Utrecht. Steph and Rem favour the "drinking tea and eating chocolate and reading" kind of evening. Which is enjoyable, but I wouldn't mind seeing what the nightlife's like around here. Should be fun!

In other news, I posted a bunch of pictures (although a small fraction of the whole pile) on a MSN groups site thing. Unfortunately you have to have an MSN passport to look at these. If you have one and are interested I can add you to the group and you can see the pics. If not, I am working on getting another ID that I will post here that everyone can use to look at the pictures without signing up for their own.

I was also told by Steve (who is very jealous of the Death Cab thing) that I have some space on (he gave me an email address since they're his provider). If I can figure it out, I will put up a webpage there with many more pictures on it and post the address. Still in progress, though...

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