nothing too exciting (2004-02-18 - 11:02 a.m.)

Blargh. All my great plans to see a bit more of Ireland have so far come to naught. In fact, doing much more than lying on the couch has been feeling like too much for me. I am feeling better today, and still vaguely considering catching a coach this afternoon to somewhere by the ocean. John, however, has caught the same illness, and caught it bad. I think his fever's worse than mine was - he's really burning up. I will stop at the store on the way back home and stock up on Beechams, kleenex and popsicles (by special request!)

On the plus side, the weather's been great lately. Belfast looks lovely when the sun shines. (I'm told it's not too common: I'm counting my blessings!) Dunluce Avenue, where John lives, runs downhill and you can see the hills surrounding the city off in the distance. Very green, very beautiful. It's making me want to make an effort to get out of the city and go see those hills! It's odd, though - everything's so close together here. There isn't any really empty space. On our little trip to Downpatrick, even the space between towns was filled with houses, or little fields a fifth the size of Albertan fields holding a few sheep or cows. The fields were all seperated by hedges, too, which seems like a very good way to do things (although I wonder how much maintenance they require?)

Not too much else to report. I haven't been doing much more than venturing downtown - I got a new shirt (SO pleasant to have something else to wear!) and a few books from a charity shop. I have definitely been getting a lot of reading done. Have also been hanging out with the roommates: Bee, from Holland, is working as a landscape architect and wants to go to Canada next year. (She's cool but it's hard to get her to talk!) Pierre and Florence are French, although Pierre's English is much better. He's hilarious in a very French way and has me rolling around laughing when he's in the room. Haven't talked much to Florence, though: there's a bit of a language barrier. The last roommate is Kerry, from Montana. She's practicing to be in a production of the Vagina Monologues next week. I helped her with her lines when we were out for coffee, and we got some very odd looks from the people at the next table!

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