smoke (2004-02-13 - 11:53 a.m.)

Blah!! Why can't I ever manage to stay healthy for two weeks running on this trip?? Woke up this morning with a throat so sore I almost couldn't swallow. Very unpleasant. John thinks maybe it's all the smoke - all the other roommates are smokers, and the house is full of it. So is the air outside, as everyone in Belfast smokes as well. Very nasty, and I feel like I can't quite get the smell off me. Guess that's what I get for living with a bunch of Europeans.

Anyway, I hope that's all it is and that I will feel better soon.

Went to a party last night for John's friend Karolina (Swedish?) There was one Irish guy and everyone else was an international student. Had a pretty good time talking to people, although it was interesting trying to decipher the variety of accents! Unfortunately everyone there was smoking as well. I'll be lucky if I don't have cancer of the lungs by the time I leave.

Planning to make a big batch of chili tonight and feed the roommates. Since I'm living at their house for two weeks and all. Plus John's apparently been craving chili, and I could use the veggies. Should be fun!

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