Belfast (2004-02-11 - 12:42 p.m.)

And here I am in Belfast. I took the coach yesterday from Norwich to Stansted Airport (Peter kindly gave me a ride to Norwich) and then took an Easyjet flight over to Belfast. It was very short - only a 55-minute flight. John was there to pick me up at the airport, which was very sweet. I think I'm slowly getting over my fear and hatred of airports... but they still stress me out. Worth it to get around, though. Travelling is a huge high and I feel incredibly lucky to be able to do it.

John told me before I got here that he had a surprise for me, and the surprise turned out to be tickets to see Steve Earle live! The show's tonight and I'm quite excited. I will wear my new long black boots.

John's house is a few blocks from Queen's University. It's a tiny, narrow rowhouse thing (don't know what you'd call it here) with 5 students from all over the world living there. I've been introduced to literally about 15 or 20 people already, and there's no way I'll get all their names. Apparently all the international students live in adjoining houses, and they just wander in and out of different ones at random. In fact, the washer is at John's place and the dryer next door, so you sort of have to!

Also, there's no heat. Not even an "electric fire". They apparently ran out of heating oil yesterday, and won't get more till at least tomorrow. I'm very glad I brought my sleeping bag. It feels very much like camping, waking up in the cold! It's not below freezing or anything, but still unpleasant to wake up in. Hopefully they'll get more oil by tomorrow... my timing for this sort of thing is impeccable, as always.

Speaking of concerts, Steve has informed me that Death Cab for Cutie (an awesome band, for the uninformed) is touring Europe at the moment. They're playing Utrecht!!! And of course that inspired me to have a look and see who else will be playing... Belle and Sebastian are coming through as well. This could be bad news, as I would happily spend the next few months jumping around Europe to go to concerts!

I'm hoping to see a bit of Ireland while I'm here. John says there's cheap coaches on Sundays, so I may have to look into that. Will stop at the tourist info booth today, hopefully, and see what I can do to see the country on the cheap.

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