Surlingham2 (2004-02-07 - 9:58 p.m.)

Managed to get some yard work done for Peter and Diane today (or rather, convince them that it was all right to let me do some yard work!) so I feel a little better about staying for so long. I raked the drive for them, and ran a few errands and carried some groceries. This not having to work business feels a bit strange to me anyway, and having something useful to do helped a lot. I suppose I could be researching jobs and things but I can't really use the computer too much, so as it is I've been almost entirely unproductive. Have even been toying with the idea of finding some needles and finally learning how to knit! Anyway, it was good to get something done today.

Today I also went into Norwich and met Nicky, one of P & D's twins. He has two children, Amy (5) and Benjamin (15 months). Ben is the cutest little kid ever, huge long-lashed brown eyes and a giant smile. I was quite taken with him. I also went grocery shopping and got to drive the trolley. And see, I'm starting to slip into using the British phrase for things! Next I'll be saying "take the rubbish to the bin".

I'm starting to look very much forward to getting to Belfast and seeing John. It's been a long time, and I'm quite interested in seeing Northern Ireland. Unfortunately a cold spell has been predicted, but we'll see how it goes.

I'm supposed to go hang out with David Ferrey's son Stephen and his wife Mary tomorrow. It would be kind of nice to get out of here for a day trip - I haven't been doing much besides sitting around. Hopefully the weather cooperates!

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