dead guy's corneas (2006-05-11 - 10:11 a.m.)

Went to the eye doctor this week. He was horrified by the state of my corneas. I got a theatrical gasp and some tutting, before he told me that I came THISCLOSE to losing my sight entirely and "having to have some dead guy's corneas sewed in there to see anything at all". I have to admit that shocked (and terrified) me a little. What would I do without my sight? I would manage, obviously, but how horrible to not be able to read or see my pictures or watch a movie or read peoples' faces!

Anyway, you will be happy to know that it's nothing I have been doing recently. This is still left over from last summer, when I wore my contacts way too much (mostly because I lost my glasses). My eyes weren't getting enough oxygen and blood vessels started encroaching on my corneas. I've been very very good since then and only worn contacts on weekends and for sports. The doc has ordered me new contacts that let six times more oxygen in, hopefully avoiding this problem for the future. I'm sure they'll cost an arm and a leg, grumble. Oh, and the glasses they made me less than six months ago are already out of date, apparently, since the initial eye test was done when my corneas were so screwed. Guess I should have signed up for Blue Cross...

How's a girl supposed to feel invincible with stuff like this going on??

And speaking of my lack of invincibility - I may have broken my toe during the very first soccer practice of the season. Impressive, I know. I'm not sure if it's broken but it's been a week and it's still very painful, swollen and purple. Although to say I hurt it is fairly inaccurate - in fact, it was the large guy who jumped on it with his full body weight concentrated into the area of the front of his cleats that hurt it. And he was on my team! Good thing I haven't paid them any money yet. I am thinking maybe I'll ask the doc to look at it when I get my mole-related stitches out next week. Two hours in the Medicentre queue, two concerns addressed - not too bad, all things considered.

So it's a beautiful sunny day in Edmonton and today is the day Michael and Amy arrive! Very exciting. I have to work today and tomorrow, but I have permission to escape a few hours early tomorrow so maybe we can do something in the afternoon. Then we have Friday Feast (can't miss that) and the Joel Plaskett Emergency is playing at New City. Amy is a Halifax girl and is very excited. (And I am a music geek and also very excited).

Ooh, and it sounds like the road trip is a go! Details still to be hashed out, but sounds like Shawnie can get May 19 - 23 off and come down and pick me up. (Why on earth he would want to, however, is a question I cannot answer. I think the boy just likes road trips.) Since Michael and Amy are starting southwards May 18, I guess I'll just meet them in Calgary the night of the 17th after work. Unfortunately with Shawnie skipping the Calgary leg and joining us later, I no longer have a place to crash there or a ride down. Ah well, there's always the Greyhound and the hostel... And what's a road trip without some minor inconvenience?

I will be so happy to be GOING somewhere.

P.S. Oh yeah, and how 'bout them Oilers, hey? One heck of a game last night - winning in the third period of overtime, holy hannah! Everyone is sleepwalking around the office today, as we all stayed up till 1 am to watch the end of the game.

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